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Upskilling with education for a changing world

We ensure that students have a solid start with foundational IT courses and then enhance the learning curve via career boosting specialized education.

Learn to change

Innovation, creativity and an ability to solve real-life problems remain the most prized skills in today’s economy. To ensure high-quality education and upskilling to ensure future-ready graduates, we are a platform that provides a one-stop solution. This brings to your educational institution self-learning coursework, guided training and placement support. Let’s provide upskilling opportunities to the graduates and ensure that they are ready to embrace a technically empowered future.

Get them job-ready

The future of work will be tech-driven and extremely non-linear in an increasingly networked world. And multiskilled professionals with a long-term understanding of things are likely to succeed in this new normal. We help students cope with the sudden shift in the learning pattern to ensure continuous education. By infusing the education curriculum with digital learning tools, we teach emerging technologies to help students graduate job-ready.

Our Vision & Mission

The most successful companies today have one thing in common — they rely heavily on tech to power their growth. With an abundance of educated youth, India can be at the forefront of this opportunity and create the future of tech.

But are our youth job-ready?

byteXL makes students career ready with the right upskilling and empowers them to compete with the world's best tech talent. Which is why, like never before, we are giving students unlimited access to tech learning resources through a subscription model — at a price that everyone can afford.


CEO Talk

My experience in the corporate world has seen many graduates enter their first jobs with inadequate training. They begin their career with training on the job, thus prolonging the onboarding process. Being selected based on their interview performance and point in time training only, I felt it was critical to supplement their college education with IT Industry knowledge in emerging technologies, assistance from industry experts and digital tools preparing them and giving them a head start to their career. We groom them from their second year in college by playing the college’s strategic EdTech Partner role. By partnering with engineering colleges, we give them a real-time view of the current job market. We also collaborate with corporate companies to ensure realistic experiences and provide certification for job readiness.

Platforms like byteXL help students cope with the sudden shift in the learning pattern to ensure continuous education. We infuse the education curriculum with digital learning tools. Working together with tech colleges, we make learning fun with challenges on the platform and enable their personal and professional growth to bring them onto a progressive career path.


Karun C Tadepalli


Our Goals

We aim to provide the unparalleled combination of self-learning coursework and guided training to bring job-readiness along with graduation for every student



We ensure that our students have the ability to gain initial employment and ensure progressive career


Continuous learning as a culture

We hope to ingrain into our students the culture of continuous learning to keep growing, personally and professionally



It is not about being able to complete a given task but be job-ready with sufficient skill-sets and knowledge


Updated technical skills

With technology advancing everyday, we aim to match job requirements and market trends with the upskilling of the college student


Meet our founders who work hard to bridge the existing skill gap and bring top tech talent to the workforce

Karun C Tadepalli

Co-Founder & CEO

Sricharan Tadepalli

Co-Founder & COO

Core Team

Though different in our backgrounds, we are unified in our mission to Transform Engineering Colleges across India

Pravin Tatavarti

Karthik Divi

Manish Kumar

Shankar Sivaramakrishnan