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July 29, 2020

Top 10 Emerging Technology Trends in 2020!


Each year new technologies are coming in the market which are disrupting the existing businesses. These technologies are impacting the micro and macroeconomics of the globe. In addition to emerging technologies, there is a huge advancement in computing power and automation. Our newsletter points out how this computing power and automation will impact and help emerging technologies that will disrupt the markets around the world in the 2020’s. These technologies have been chosen based on expert’s recommendations, insights from reports published by the big corporations. This newsletter will help us to understand the dynamism existing in the market today and helps them keep updated on the latest market trends.

1.Quantum Computing

The very first in our list is quantum computing. A lot of projects and government funding are in the pipeline for the development of quantum computing. On Feb 6, 2020, Govt of India announced it would spend 8000 crores (1.12 billion USD) over the next five years for research and development in the field of Quantum Computing. The US govt had passed the National Quantum Initiative act in 2018. IBM, Lockheed Martin, Google, Microsoft, D-Wave, and many others are investing large chunks of the funds in the research and development of Quantum Computers. A Quantum Computer works differently from the classical computers that we are using. It works on Qubits, while classical computers work on bits consisting of 0 and 1. It is believed that Quantum Computers will solve the problems that even conventional computers fail to answer or have limits to solve. Some examples where quantum computers will find extensive usage are space research, flight trajectory prediction, banking system encryption development, etc. This technology is going to be a significantly disruptive technology to watch out for in 2020.

2.Edge Computing

This could be the next big disruptive technology to watch out in 2020. We have cheap commodities and low processing power, but the only thing we do not have anymore is faster processing. Computers are hitting a limit, and Moore’s law is failing. We are reaching the threshold where no more miniaturization of the processors is possible. Edge Computing will help to process much of the data at the source of its origin. Earlier data was collected from the source of origin and sent to data centers for further processing. This still required some time to process the data. With Edge Computing, we are just powering the devices to process the data locally. They might not possess super processing powers like what we have in the regional data centers, but they will minimize the workload being sent to the data centers by processing small chunks of data. Some of the examples where Edge Computing is being used are smart streetlights, intelligent waste collections, etc.

3.Drone Automation

This could be the next disruptive technology that we could see in 2020. The drones are deployed in places where human beings cannot reach. So far, most of the drones have been manually controlled. But there has been a push to make drones fully automated for performing intricate work. Some examples where drone automation can be implemented are e-commerce, defense systems, etc. E-commerce will be the segment to watch, as automated drones may help solve many problems arising on account of pandemic situations like ‘Corona COVID-19.’ Automated drones will solve complex problems like sorting of deliveries with the help of robots without human intervention, delivering the orders to the customers, etc.

4.Serverless Technology

This is the technology that literally takes care of everything a developer, release, builds, and deployment team needs. Well, as the name indicates, there are no servers involved, which means that the team needs factor about server installation, configuration, and deployment. But that does not mean there are no servers at all. There is hardware, and other infrastructure-related issues are taken care of by the service provider. Some of the vendors offering serverless technology are AWS Lambda, Netlify, Microsoft Azure Functions, IBM, Kubeless, etc. Serverless Jam Stack technology has also risen, which has given new development definitions. You bring your template and push your code from the local machine. Within a few minutes, your code is live. Some of the firms whose applications are running on serverless technology are NetFlix, BBC, etc. The system automatically scales up and down as per the load on the app. This technology will disrupt the existing DevOps culture by introducing NoOPs, which means the No Ops team required.

5.Human Augmentation

This is the next big disruptive technology on our list for 2020. It means that human beings’ physical and cognitive abilities will be strengthened. This will involve implanting chips and other tech gadgets within and on the body of human beings and will enable them to do the tasks which were earlier impossible for them. The best example can be thought of as the movie ‘Ironman’ in which a person is fitted with a suit along with augmented reality and AI that informs him of surrounding regions and all the information he requires.

There are more and more technologies coming into the market every other day. However, we have selected the top 10 emerging technologies that cover the programming, computing power, and automation aspects, which we believe will play a dominant role in the coming years. We hope you enjoyed this newsletter. Our endeavor is to bring the best to you. Happy reading.

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