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May 23, 2020

Top 10 Tech skills For Students to watch in 2020!

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Top 10 Tech skills For Students to watch in 2020!

We have started this year with great enthusiasm. In this dynamic world, the graduating engineer is overwhelmed with the many upcoming new technology stacks. There are a plethora of options for different career tracks. With the onset of industrial revolution 4.0, proactive institutes prepare their students to leverage this revolution. For ex., there is a demand for automation engineers who could help organizations to build scalable and automated systems that will replace manual and repetitive tasks. Likewise, we are overwhelmed with data of every type as well as sensors and fully automated systems that send data. The industry is in desperate need of ML engineers, data scientists, automation engineers, QA Engineers, etc.

1. Python : It has become quite a popular programming language. Its development began in 1989 much before Java. Guido Von Rossum developed it. This language has gained popularity among a variety of programmers and has found its usage in different fields such as data science, machine learning, Natural language processing, neural networks, quantum computing, scientific programming, web development, and so on. There are so many open source libraries and packages available, making it easier for organizations to adopt for any kind of development work. The open source community maintains it. Python is used in almost all major platforms. The YouTube platform uses Python extensively to develop algorithms for the platform.

2. React : It is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook and now maintained by Facebook and the open-source developer community. To learn React, a person needs to understand JavaScript programming. It is quite popular for developing UI components and other web components. The best example where you will find extensive use of React is the Facebook platform.

3. Angular : Another JavaScript web framework for developing single-page applications. It is different from its predecessor, which goes by the name of AngularJS. Google has done the development of both Angular and AngularJS. At the time of writing, the newsletter angular 9.1.0 is the stable version. Angular.io maintains the release of angular. Again to learn angular, a person needs to have an understanding of JavaScript programming. Some of the popular platforms using Angular are Microsoft, PayPal, AT&T, Nike, etc.

4. Machine Learning : It is the application of algorithms so that systems learn by itself based on data fed to the system. Right now, industries require that systems not only become automated but also require systems to make smart decisions, and in this Machine, Learning is playing a crucial role. Enterprises thus need to fill in the job roles where people with skills to develop algorithms will be required. The future trend for such engineers who can build, and train systems looks promising.

5. Docker : Container-based development had existed from the day when web development came into existence. Docker takes container-based development to a new level. Microservices based development makes extensive use of Docker, thus ditching the traditional monolith architecture in favor of microservices. It has enabled the firms to scale up or scale down their system as per the requirement and within a few minutes. It has helped reduce the overall running cost of enterprise-level systems. It has created a massive demand for job roles in the field of DevOps, and the industry is seeing an upward trend in demand for job roles. Some of the big companies using Docker are PayPal, Yelp, eBay, Spotify, etc.

6. Django : It is a Python-based web development framework and serves all the demands catering to the need for web development. Right from serving web pages to the backend services. As the framework is based on Python and is quite fast, more and more industries are using Django. Some of the popular platforms using Django are YouTube, Spotify, Dropbox, etc. It indicates that demand is increasing for Django developers, and this demand will increase more in the coming years.

7. Amazon AWS : Amazon started its cloud services around 2006 and has quickly grabbed the market across the globe. Majority of the organizations are using amazon based cloud for their infrastructure. Old legacy infrastructures are moving to the cloud or have moved to the cloud already. Amazon offers various cloud-based services, and its pay-as-you-go model has proved boon for the firms, drastically reducing their cost to maintain their infrastructure. It has created a demand for various job roles for the Amazon cloud.

8. Deep Learning : It is a subset of machine learning, and deep learning-based job roles have been increasing ever since machine learning came into commercial existence. Paypal uses Deep learning for fraud detection in financial transactions.

9. Java : There is a proverb ‘ Old is Gold.’ Although Java has become quite old, it still rules the industry when it comes to developing highly scalable and secure applications. A wide variety of applications are built using Java. A best use case is that all the major banking and financial institutions rely on Java based financial transaction management applications. The market will always have a high demand for an expert java developer.

10. JavaScript : All the modern-day JavaScript frameworks and libraries require a person to have basic JavaScript programming knowledge and thus, the demand for JavaScript will always be there. Some of the popular libraries and frameworks which were developed using JavaScript are Node.js, Angular, AngularJS, Vue.js, React.js, etc. If someone has proficiency in JavaScript programming, then they can quickly learn various libraries and frameworks.

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