Top 3 ways to ensure successful placement in 2022

Skill gaps impact IT industry - The ripple effect of the lack of the right resources for the right job has directly impacted not just the company but the economy and the GDP as well. The problem statement does not just begin and end with the skill gap and its solution but in understanding what skilling is. Without this definition, understanding what it takes to live up to job expectations is not just difficult but impossible.

In India, a resource with a formal skill certification can be counted as a qualified professional. This holds good, especially for one in the IT sector. A common international explanation would be a person with a certain number of hours on a skilled job. The combination of the two - certification and experience - is a rare one and the one that the IT industry would especially value.

The increasing mismatch between job skills, educational training, and job requirement has broadened so much that

  • Employers struggle to find suitably trained people, and
  • The youth is unable to find the kind of jobs they aspire for.

byteXL : Solve the unemployment problem with simple skilling solutions

As technology advances, the need to equip the younger generation with in-demand skills, trends and technical know-how is the need of the hour. This is where byteXL comes in. Understanding the need to handle the domain of new-age knowledge, byteXL has emerged as one of the first-ever learning platforms with an in-built advanced coding editor for self-motivated education, guided training and placement support. Rather than being a just in-time training partner, they work to inculcate the learning aspects among the students early in their engineering careers.

byteXL is led by experienced technology leaders from large IT majors who know precisely what it takes to get hired by the world's leading tech companies and help students to gain competitive advantage and confidence. byteXL offers an experiential online learning platform that is a hybrid model of online learning and online self-guided learning patterns. byteXL also provides an instructor-led program in career tracks like Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Cloud, DevOps and more.

What does byteXL offer?

‘byteXL Career Accelerator Program’ (bCap) and ‘Expert’ programs are vital in ensuring that students learn to make smart career choices. This is the key difference between accepting what has been available and taking the first step towards claiming your dream career. Gone are the days where a student should look at their career as a compromise. With innovation and passion a critical part of a successful career, students must graduate with both elements - a certification as well as experience in the actual task. Thus both boxes are ticked, empowering students to make the right choice and ensuring a progressive career.

Top 3 ways to ensure successful placement in 2022

  • Identify the right platform to apply
    Seeing things from the perspective of the college, it is evident that collaboration with byteXL will help bring the much-needed edge to help students graduate in style. Partnering with the world’s leading universities and companies, byteXL brings in emerging technologies as well as industry experts to understand the current trends and job requirements. This is what makes byteXL the right platform for college students to work on and get a hold on their career - present and future.

  • Identify the right time to apply
    byteXL enables guided learning and up-skilling over time. They supplement your students with soft and hard skills and groom them early on. Over time being the operative word. byteXL helps colleges groom their students from the very first year in college.

    bCap: This Career Accelerator Program (bCAP) provides students with options and encourages them to choose a major by developing and working towards their career goals. This creates independent thinking and satisfying outcomes.

    Expert: This program gives you unlimited access to tech learning resources on the platform combined with an instructor-led offline learning environment for a career-ready graduation experience. Embracing the hybrid-learning model to bring forth a progressive career is what the students need to establish their careers in the ever-demanding world of IT.

  • Gain new, additional skills - IT and Soft.
    Being a content factory, byteXL constantly adds content to the platform. This is developed in the form of challenges, assessments, coding exercises and simulations. Sign up for mock interviews & assessments. When it comes to experience to help you get through the interviews and assessments, byteXL provides the closest environment to the real one. This boosts confidence and allows students to understand and rectify mistakes in the safest environment possible.

Skilling is the buzzword today and skill levels and education are highly related. The concept of skilling has been redefined by byteXL to empower education via innovation and modern-day technology. With a customized syllabus to suit job requirements and trending technologies, byteXL provides up-skilling courses to reduce the skill gap and increase the employability quotient. With their goal being supported by byteXL, students can choose their careers by choice and not by chance.