An increasing number of students from Tier 1 cities are opting for upskilling in emerging technologies

At least 98% male students and 94.41% female students from Tier 1 are more inclined towards upskilling (in emerging technologies). The trend for upskilling is slowly gaining momentum in Tier 2 students at 68.81% male students and 43.96% female students. Tier 3 students show a similar inclination to Tier 2 with 57.13% male students and 54.63% female students. The overall engagement was witnessed as the least in Tier 3, followed by Tier 2 and Tier 1; mostly, this is due to challenges faced by Tier 3 college students in terms of non-availability of devices or infrastructure and poor internet connectivity.

A study was carried out by applying byteXL’s in-house proprietary database analytics based on machine learning to understand the software language preferences that over 55,000 students showed across the three tiers over the past year in terms of the student participation and engagement rates, the number of enrollments and the progress via assessments on Day 1 and till the end of course since enrollment.

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