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CNN-News18 puts byteXL in the spotlight for all the right reasons!

Most of the companies have upgraded their way of work since pandemic hit the world. While working from home during the lockdown was the only option for the employees,led the companies to adopt a
In simple words, it was a mix of on-site and remote work; where employees split their schedules to bring work-life balance by ensuring twice a week and remaining days from the office.

byteXL has also embraced the hybrid work model and has implemented a 60-40% ratio for employees to return to the office. Safety of the employees & COVID precautions are on utmost priority at byteXL India Pvt Ltd.
We believe that this trend provides the best of both worlds. There is sync and everything is managed smoothly on-site as well as remotely. The new WFH policies have facilitated rapid growth and expansion over the past few months, indeed!

Take a look at this special report!

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